I Want Alert ! Lighting with Style

    When it comes to lighting up a room what better way is there to do it than in style. Your lighting should do more than just illuminate a room. It should complement your room, while also having a style of your liking. Some lighting can be statement pieces and really give your room character. This weeks “IWA” goes to hollis+morris lighting collection. What really caught my eye was the Bolt Sconce, Bolt Pendant and Tetra Floor Light. Now I would love to see all of them in my home, but what’s so awesome about this lighting is that they can be used in residential or commercial spaces. I can picture these pieces making a statement in any space with just the right touch, and believe me this lighting is a start. Check out the Bolt Sconce, Bolt Pendant, and the Tetra Floor Light here at hollis+morris. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this weeks “IWA”!

Bolt Sconce




Bolt Pendant



Tetra Floor Light



All Images Via hollis+morris

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