Dinnerware At Its Finest

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Dinnerware at its a Finest

Warning ⚠️ : this is not your ordinary dinnerware!

If I could tell you, you could eat on and serve with any dinnerware of your choice who would you choose?! Setting the table in style can never go wrong when done right. With the right dinnerware you can up your dining experiences while showing off your personality. Dressing up your dining table should be fun, and who doesn’t want a pretty table to converse over or nice dinnerware to serve with.

Now are there rules? For me; of course not. But there are things to consider when buying dinnerware.

  1. Price – Before you even start to look for your dinnerware you should know your budget. Dinnerware can be expensive, and no you don’t have to spend 100 dollars on a plate to come out on top with your dinnerware game; never forget that, but if you can afford it by all means splurge because sometimes you do get what you pay for.
  2. Sizing – When someone says size doesn’t matter in this instance they’re wrong. Size is so important when looking for dinnerware. Why? I mean obviously you want all the food to fit on your plate, but you don’t want to buy dinnerware that’s too big and it doesn’t fit in cabinets or storage space you picked for it.
  3. Material – Your dinnerware can come in Bone China, Porcelain, Stoneware, and Earthenware, etc. Now there are benefits to each material and when it comes down to that, it’s all up to you. It’s best to get something that won’t chip easily and last. I can go in-depth about this, but I feel it leads to a later post. FYI it’s not rocket science buy durable dinnerware.

Now once you have figured out the hard stuff let’s get down to the the fun stuff. Pick something that expresses your style and be creative. You can’t be the only one looking good at the dinner table now can you. While eating on a simple white plate is cool sometimes that can get boring if you’re not a master chef and plating skills are on 100. Bernardaud masters the art of designing exquisite porcelain dinnerware by calling on renowned designers and contemporary artists to create masterpieces. Two dinnerware collections stood out the most to me and I’m dying to show you. When it comes to color and style Bernarduad dinnerware is on another level. First up we have the Bernarduad in Bloom by Zemer Peled and the colors just pop right of off the dinnerware this collection is truly something to look at. I can also say the same about the Bernarduad Aux Oiseaux dinnerware collection, the color choices are spot on and it gives an entire mood. This dinnerware is art and it’s definitely a level up from the rest. So if you need a little push in the right direction let me introduce you to dinnerware at its finest and I do mean finest as what I am about to show you might be a little more than what you’re used to spending but take my word for it, it’s worth more than just a second look. Let me know which collection is your favorite?


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qHNN2Z-Brochure_3VoletsAuxOiseaux copy1472134362~01498_1IMG_2470IMG_2471IMG_24691472134514~01498_2Aux OiseauxImages via Bernarduad , Bernarduad Instagram, Zemer Peled, and Artedona

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