• Bedroom 101 : Sleep In Style


      Bedroom 101 : Sleep In Style While some prefer to sleep on just any old thing, some prefer to sleep in style! The Beau Ruban Bed by Ebanista takes my breath away. I just want to decorate it with plush pillows and dive in to it every night. The ribbon frame is hand craved in a ...

  • Your My Obsession


    Im Back ! Sorry for the long delay my, furniture and home decor junkies. If you’re anything like me, I hope that you miss my post as much as I do ! I wanted to come back with something that’s quite an obsession for me this week by one of my fav’s Jonathan Adler. Please ...

  • I Want Alert ! Stylish Shelving


    I Want Alert ! Stylish Shelving Its been awhile, but now its back; the IWA! Today the IWA would like to award West Elm for making some stylish shelving that even I couldn’t ignore. The marble shelf sits on aluminum brackets that have a chic antique finish that really adds character to the shelving, and I ...

  • Let’s Take A Seat : GARZA MARFA Style


    Today’s post is all about sitting in style ! Garza Marfa def caught my attention with this amazing Saddle Leather Dining Chair. This traditional dining chair is available in natural or chocolate brown leather with a steel rod base in assorted colors. Remember statement making is a must with what you sit in!

  • Bedroom 101: Headboards


    Having a unique or chic Headboard is all the rave and always will be! Today lets talk about chic yet clean headboards from one of my fav. stores Ethan Allen. Now I’ve purchased my king (Jensen) headboard from here and I think its def a good choice for beginners. The Jensen Headboard is fully upholstered  ...

  • Bedroom 101: NO BASIC ZONE !


      When it comes to designing your bedroom the first and most important thing on your list is YOUR BED ! Beds as you know come in so many different shape, sizes , and styles. So when deciding on what bed to choose follow two rules : Make sure its comfy and make sure it looks good ! Personally ...

  • For the Love of Side Tables


    I think that people underestimate the side table, these small sometimes large furniture pieces can really make a statement in someones home. When choosing a side table I feel like your ultimate goal is to pick something that speaks about your personality! Don’t be boring because your home is a place where you get to ...

  • I Want Alert ! Bean Bag Edition


    I Want Alert !  Now a days I can’t tell you how many Furniture and Home Decor items that have me saying ... "I Want That!"  So I figure I’d share my obsession with you guys with the IWA which is the I Want Alert ! Today the award goes to Restoration Hardware because they have ...