Came through Drippin

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Okkkurrrrrrr! So I have to say I am a huge Cardi B fan and when I saw this all I could think of was one of her lyrics ” Came through drippin , (drip drip)”. If you don’t know the song then check it out, it’s Cardi B feat the Migos. Now this stunning console with gold leaf details has me feeling some type of way. This piece is definitely dripping in gold and has that bold sleek sexiness to it that I love. Want to make a statement? This console will show you how. The table is by Global Views which is a wholesale home decor company. Their furniture and home decor can be purchased at local retailers and for this amazing console I found two online stores who have it. One of my favorite online stores has the Marquee Gold Leaf Console Table. You can also find this piece available at Neiman Marcus. For those who can, please dabble in this one!



Images via Horchow

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